About The Author

It’s taken several years, but I have come to the realization that I am not a blogger. I am a tech geek with a blog (one of many that I’ve had over the years) but seeing as how I struggle to post once every six months (or longer) I am definitely not a blogger…

That being said, here is what I am…

I am a resident of the great, though odd in many ways state of Colorado. I saw marijuana questions on my taxes this year and it made me laugh. I’ve lived here for about a year and our state’s unique income stream still makes me chuckle.

I am a CCIE Collaboration candidate. I passed my written exam a year ago and I’m getting ready to take my first crack at the lab exam Prepping for My First Crack at the CCIE Collaboration Lab Exam.

I am an engineer. As the above might infer I specialize in Cisco Systems Collaboration solutions but I also do a lot of Route & Switch a bit of Wireless and some Security just for grins.

I am a boyfriend. My girlfriend is an amazing woman that will hopefully someday be my wife (not soon enough for her, but that is a different blog and a whole other discussion).

I am an avid motorcyclist. My bike is a way for me to relieve stress and to see this great country. I like to ride long distances and see new things. I have found that I see them better when I’m on my bike. For those that are curious, I ride a Victory Cross Country.




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